On 26 January 2018, a presentation event will take place at the conference center of the Riigikogu, dedicated to the International Holocaust Memorial Day and organized by the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. Opening remarks are given by the Chairman of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor. Presentations will be made by journalist and publicist Juku-Kalle Raid, representative of the NGO Culture Goes to Europe Moritz Borchardt from Germany and author of the first Estonian-language Jewish cookbook Salmen Šois. The event is intended primarily for teachers, but it is also open to all those who are interested.

Participants are welcome to register at: eli.pilve@mnemosyne.ee by 20 January at the latest. To get to the Riigikogu, you need to bring a personal identity document and arrive in due time to receive your guest card.



Venue: Riigikogu conference room / cafe, Lossi plats 1a, Tallinn
Time: 26 January 2018

15:00 Opening words
15: 10-16: 00 Juku-Kalle Raid, Origins of antiseminitsm and its amplification
16: 05-17: 00 Moritz Borchardt, Remembrance and Heritage in the 21st Century:
Remembering the Past, Enabling the Future *
17: 05-18: 00 Salmen Šois, Who are the Jews? What is their culture and their traditions?
18: 15-19: 15 Kosher snacks in the cafe of the Riigikogu, presentation of the food by Salmen Šois

* The presentation is in English with simultaneous interpretation into Estonian