Statute for the Master’s Studies Scholarship

  1. Objective of the scholarship

The objective of the Master’s Studies Scholarship is to support future scholars in the fields of research of the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory (henceforth EIHM).

  1. General provisions of the scholarship
  2. An agreement will be concluded between the EIHM and the University of Tartu Institute of History and Archaeology (henceforth IHA) for the implementation of the provisions of the scholarship. Both parties are equal in awarding the scholarship and in other activities connected to the scholarship. This statute is an inseparable appendix to the agreement that is to be concluded.
  3. The objective of the scholarship is to support research work in history in IHA master’s studies in the following fields:
    • the history of communist regimes and communist ideology;
    • human losses as a consequence of the implementation of the ideology and policies of communist regimes (crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide);
    • material and environmental damage caused by the ideology, policies and economic system of communist regimes;
    • (both successful and unsuccessful) attempts by communist regimes to establish communist polities in other countries (export of revolution);
    • the social, intellectual and spiritual legacy of the actions, ideology, and undertakings of communist regimes aimed at exerting influence in countries that have formerly been under the rule of communist regimes, as well as in other countries.
  4. The scholarship will be awarded once a year to one or several master’s students in history (henceforth scholarship recipient) for one academic year by way of a scholarship competition.
  5. The amount of the scholarship is 500 euros (net) per month, which will be divided up amongst the scholarship recipients. The scholarship commission will determine the amount of the scholarship for each scholarship recipient.

III. Scholarship competition

  1. The scholarship competition will be announced on 1 November 2018. Scholarship applications must be submitted by 20 November 2018 (including the deadline date). The results of the competition will be announced by 1 December 2018 at the latest.
  2. The following may participate in the scholarship competition:
    • Master’s students in history at the IHA who are studying full-time in the period of the scholarship competition.
  1. Documents for participating in the scholarship competition must be submitted in PDF format to the address konkurss@mnemosyne.eeunder the heading ‘EIHM University of Tartu Master’s Studies Competition’. The following should be included with the properly formatted application as e-mail attachments:
  • biography of the applicant;
  • overview of the participant’s activities in his / her research specialty and of the applicant’s research work, and its connection to the fields of research mentioned in Clause 2;
  • letter of motivation (maximum 3,000 characters);
  • letter of recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information:

Eli Pilve
+372 5622 9686