Education and Public Awareness

The Institute offers educational and training programmes for teachers, youth workers, pupils and university students, and also programmes aimed at the public at large. We create and distribute informational and teaching materials, along with teaching methods that raise awareness of the nature and history of communist regimes and the ideologies that guide them, and of the harm caused by them.

The Institute is a partner of Estonian governmental agencies in domestic and international cooperation in the field of research and raising awareness of the harm and damage caused by communist regimes. We take part in organizing the commemorative events dedicated to the victims of crimes against humanity and the fight against inhuman regimes (including the Holocaust, March deportation, June deportation, commemorative days of victims of communism and Nazism and the Resistance Fighting Day).

The Institute manages and develops the database of the Victims of Communism Memorial in Tallinn, and the Nazism victims’ database, and updates them constantly in accordance with research results.

Education/information platforms:

Klooga concentration camp and Holocaust Memorial
Kogu Me Lugu

Victims Databases:

The Victims of Communism Memorial Database
Lists of Estonian victims of German Occupation

Summer School:

Estonian Institute of Historical Memory Summer School 2018
Estonian Institute of Historical Memory Summer School 2019