Estonian Institute of Historical Memory announced the international procurement of the Memorial Museum for the Victims of Communism project, which will be established in Patarei Prison. The aim of the procurement is finding the best design and solution for the permanent exhibition.

According to the Institute’s Member of Board Martin Andreller, a contract with the procurement’s winner may be signed already in early 2021. Altogether, nearly 5000 square meters of exhibition and office space needs to be designed.

„Our aim is to create a meaningful and visitor-friendly exposition that addresses both local and foreign visitors. We thereby take the moral stance that this is, first and foremost, a place of remembrance of the victims of totalitarian regimes,” Andreller said.

He added that the owner of the building as well as the state are included in every step of the museum’s design process to ensure the development of the complex goes smoothly and the museum will be opened in 2026 at the latest. “Patarei’s exhibition area Communism is Prison, developed by the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory, will remain open during summer seasons from May to October until construction starts. During the first two seasons, the exhibition welcomed over 55 000 guests from all over the world.”

The future museum will give a research-based overview of the crimes committed by communist regimes worldwide, the ideology and functioning of such regimes, and the fate of the victims of Communism and National Socialism. Furthermore, the museum will preserve and exhibit the 200-year-old history of Patarei. The museum will also include an international research centre.

More information about the museum project and Patarei’s history can be found here:

A more detailed overview of the procurement can be seen on the Procurement Register: