The Estonian Institute of Historical Memory and the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) are organising the 9th European Remembrance Symposium in Tallinn in the Creative Hub from 26 to 28 October 2021.

The Remembrance Symposium, which has taken place in various European capitals in previous years, is the largest forum on memory studies in Europe. It brings together experts and representatives of institutions and organisations that are engaged in the research and teaching of 20th century history. The panel discussions and presentations are accompanied by a cultural programme, a concert and a reception, as well as opportunities for networking. 

This year, the Symposium focuses on both the harmonious aspects as well as various dissonances in European memory culture, which are strongly influenced by the legacy of 20th century totalitarian regimes. In the past decades, discussions on history and memory politics have intensified all over Europe. Eastern and Western Europe’s differing historical experiences of 20th century are still a cause of confusion.

Further information, registration and programme are available on the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity’s webpage.

The event is organised by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) in cooperation with the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory. An important partner is the Institute for the Culture and History of the German People in North-Eastern Europe. The Symposium is supported by the Balassi Institute in Tallinn (Hungary), the Ministry of Culture of Romania, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Estonia, the Minister of State for Culture and the Media of Germany, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, and the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary.

The European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) is an international organisation that aims to support the dialogue held on European 20th century history.

Since 1998, the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory and its predecessor have been investigating international crimes and human rights abuses committed by totalitarian regimes in Estonia, as well as ideologies that have given rise to such regimes.

The live broadcast of the Symposium can be followed on the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory’s Facebook page and Youtube channel.