The Estonian Institute of Historical Memory thanks everyone that took part in the 2022 EIHM Research Papers Competition. There was a delay in disclosing the results as the jury needed extra time for the second round due to tight competition.

In the category a published academic article, the winner is Dumitru Lisnic with his paper Shifting images of a harmful sect: Operations against Inochentism in Soviet Ukraine, 1920-1923published in The Secret Police and the Religious Underground in Communist and Post-Communist Eastern Europe, London, Routledge, 2021. 

In the category of master’s theses and doctoral dissertations, the winner is Henry Hemple Prown with his dissertation Famine, Trial, War: The Daily Worker During the Great Depression, College of William & Mary, 2022.

Estonian Institute of Historical Memory will get in touch with the winners.

The Institute thanks all participants for their valuable contribution and offers its warmest congratulations to the winning authors!