On 14 June, the national day of mourning a remembrance concert „Past. Present. Eternity“ will take place at the Memorial to Estonia’s Victims of Communism in Maarjamäe.

The concert, dedicated to the victims of inhuman regimes, invites everyone to remember the tragic history and cherish the values of freedom and humanity. The summer night concert will be held in the Home Garden of the Memorial. The music will take the listeners on a journey through time – the past will meet the present, memories will meet dreams.

The concert features beloved Estonian artists Lenna Kuurmaa, Ott Lepland, Liisi Koikson, as well as the renowned choir Collegium Musicale conducted by Endrik Üksvärav, string quartet Prezioso, Kadri-Ann Sumera (piano), Valmar Kirves (harmonica) and composer-DJ Sander Mölder.

The programme includes “The Singer’s Childhood” and „Reflections with Hando Runnel “ by V. Tormis; “Blessed is the Man” by C. Kreek; “Nothing but Praise for You” by L. Koikson; “Hear Me” and “Home” by O. Lepland; „ Beauty of the Evening”, “The Lord’s Prayer“, “I Thank You” and “Farewell” by P. Uusberg; “Here I’ll Stay” by L. Kuurma and M. Raud; “Prayer” by T. Mägi; “To You” by O. Lepland and M. Kärmas; “On the River of Forgetfulness” by A. Oit; “Homeland Tune” by H. Eller; “Till Death” by A. Mattiisen; “I Buried My Sister…” by A. Susi; “The Moon” by T. Vettik (repressed composer); “He Flies Towards the Beehive” by P. Sarapik; “Ukuaru Waltz” by A. Pärt; “1981” by L. Sumera.

The concert begins at 20.00 and ends at 21.30. Admission is free.
The main entrance to the Memorial is from Pirita Road. A car park with limited parking space is located next to the main entrance. Buses 1A, 5, 8, 34A, 38 go to the bus stop next to the Memorial named “Mälestusvälja”. Another entrance to the Memorial and a car park are located at the seaside end of Lepa street, which is accessible through Kose Road and Saare Street.

Head organizer: Estonian Institute of Historical Memory.

Co-organizers: Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Estonia, Estonian Institute of Human Rights.

Creative director: Endrik Üksvärav

Concert director: Margus Kasterpalu

Special thanks to concert supporters: AS Amalfi, Enn Meri, Hans H. Luik, Carri Ginter.

More information: info@mnesmosyne.ee

Website of the Memorial: www.memoriaal.ee

From the morning of 14 June until the afternoon the installation “Sea of Tears” is on display on Freedom Square in Tallinn.

The national remembrance ceremony will be held at the Memorial at 14:00-15:00.