The Estonian Institute of Historical Memory thanks everyone that took part in the 2023 EIHM Research Papers Competition.

In the category an academic article, the winner is Tomaž Ivešić with his paper Exchanging the “Progressive Experiences” in a Transnational Perspective: Nationality, Economy and Federalism in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia in the 1960s.

In the category of master’s theses and doctoral dissertations, the winner is Ekaterina Pavlenko with her dissertation Range of Soviet citizens’ responses to WTO intervention in Czechoslovakia and its meaning to CPSU policy-making (Спектр реакций советских граждан на ввод войск ОВД в Чехословакию и его значение для идеологической работы КПСС).

Estonian Institute of Historical Memory will get in touch with the winners.

The Institute thanks all participants for their valuable contribution and offers its warmest congratulations to the winning authors!

The 2024 international research competition on communism for young scholars is now open! Further information can be found HERE.